Monday, August 14, 2006

Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull

Two of the soldiers that were killed yesterday both left pregnant wives, six month pregnant no less... All I could think of is how will these women move on after loosing their husbands? I was thinking of the personal pain I felt through when going through a breakup from a boyfriend I loved. If just a breakup from a boyfriend, not a husband, who is still alive, without a mutual child, could hurt so much, I can't even imagine the pain on loosing a husband. It was impossible holding back the tears when I was watching the widow sobbing.

This unfair terrible reality of death all around is impossible to comprehend. 24 soldiers died yesterday, 5 more died today. Well over 100 soldiers got injured. The numbers keep being updated and it won't stop. This movie gives a good idea of what it feels like...

The huge increase in missile attack makes the ceasefire that is supposed to start in 7 hours seems ridiculous. The battles around my house are loud and don't stop for a single moment. The IDF is trying to accomplish as much as possible and destroy as much Hezbollah as possible before they must stop. I feel that whatever we didn't accomplish in 33 days of fighting we probably aren't going to accomplish tonight.

There's a sentence in Hebrew that says: "Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull". Think about the meaning of this wise sentence. Israel will not bomb when there's the slightest doubt or suspect that civilians are at steak even though chances are these civilians cooperated with terror and let it go on without trying to stop it. This high morality is costing us at the lives of our own soldiers, while terror keeps growing at these countries who don't try to stop it but more so encourage it too!

Palestinian using children as shield, what else is new?


At 20/8/06 20:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I don't justify the deaths of the soldiers in the raid (they were just doing what they were ordered to do), the fact that they left pregnant widows is a risk that you take when you become a soldier....but what risk did the lebanese children take? they were not is a better video for you:

At 20/8/06 20:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

High morality huh? that's why the majority of the
1000+ Lebanese killed were CIVILIANS, including a large number of children. Israel is killing innocent children, Israel is killing innocent children, Israel is killing innocent children. Maybe now you get the point. High morailty?? unreal, the IDF are a bunch of gun-toting punks suited up by the American taxpayers.
People like you will never understand the struggle of the Palestinians and now the Lebanese. You have been brainwashed beyond recognition. I feel sorry for you and pray for you.

At 20/8/06 22:09, Blogger UB Israeli said...

Why do you think I have been brainwashed and you didn't? What makes you think you are right and I am wrong?
I don't appreciate empty statements but opinions that are backed up with facts.
The fact is, Hezbollah started this war.
The fact is, there are innocent casualties in every war.
Why don't you blame the side that started this war and not the country that has every right to defend itself?

At 26/8/06 22:47, Anonymous Patrick said...

ub israeli, I can comfort you, you were not brainwashed. The fact is that the whole world is brainwashed as to Israel. The media is brainwashing them all the time. Even though the majority will never believe this statement, it is still true.
Just because a majority thinks otherwise does not prove they are right. Just go back to Germany in the 1940ies .......
It is very strange that this person has to write this anonymously, does he/she not dare to show his/her face? It is the same with these terrorists: They don't show their faces. I understand it, I would be ashamed too to show my face if I did the things they do.

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