Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's been the most interesting and fun couple of days I've had in a while. My mom woke me up yesterday around 1pm after another sleepless night. It turned out there was a reporter from a big American network who wanted to interview a good English speaker and my mom recommended me. I barely dragged myself out of bed and before I knew it we were chatting outside, in my house's beautiful front porch and broadcasting to different stations around the globe.

The reporter was a very sweet lady and we all decided to go on a Katyusha 'hunt' together, meaning let's see the damage before it's repaired. I must admit, it was terrible. The reporter wanted to record my responses as I was approaching the shattered houses for the first time but I really didn't know what to say. In an unusual way I was left speechless. I was completely amazed by the amount of damage one Katyusha can cause, as I was watching shreds in areas I didn't think were able to be hurt.

One of the houses that got hit belongs to good family friends and it was so sad to see what happened there. One of the things my mom mentioned over and over again was is that no amount of money could replace a sentimental value of house that gets hit by a missile. A person puts their heart and soul into a house over the years and in a split of second it can all be gone.

We ended up spending almost the rest of the day with the reporter and later on her colleague joined us too. It was very interesting talking to two incredible ladies who experienced very much and traveled around quite a bit about the situation. Being Israelis and all we obviously told them our point of view on the situation and had a nice conversation. It's wonderful getting different points of view on every situation and have an intellectual debate. We don't always have to agree but as long as we're open minded, anything is possible.

And on that note, Layla tov :-)


At 18/8/06 12:00, Anonymous Rob Fisher said...

Thanks for blogrolling me, UB Israeli. I'm back in London now so I don't know if I will be blogging about Israel quite so much, but I will occasionally.

Anyway, it's good to read that you are getting your point of view across to reporters.


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